Q and A with El Salvador's Rafael Burgos
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- By merit of his goals and good performances, El Salvador's Rafael Burgos has won the plaudits of his countrymen and his club, Kecskeméti TE in Hungary.

With his strike in the Salvadorans' 1-1 draw against Honduras on Friday, Burgos now has four career UNCAF Copa Centroamericana goals and is currently the only player to score in both the 2011 and 2013 editions of the tournament.

"El Chero" -- as Burgos is known to his teammates -- sat down for an exclusive interview with CONCACAF.com and spoke about his experiences in Hungarian football, and his time with the Salvadoran national team.

- How do you rate El Salvador's participation in the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana up until now?

I think we've shown everyone that this group is hungry for triumph, to do things well, and what we want is to qualify for the Gold Cup, and go far in UNCAF.

- You now have four career goals in the UNCAF Copa Centroamericana, and you're only three behind the Salvadoran record set by Raul Diaz Arce. How does that make you feel?

One of my objectives is to go after that record of Raul Diaz Arce, and thanks to God the path is opening for me. I promised myself that I'd go after the goal scoring lead that I achieved in the past Copa in Panama, two years ago, and I think I'm on my way.

- Was it hard to adapt to Hungary?

My adaptation has been step by step. I had a chance to meet a teammate from Honduras, named Luis Ramos. He's been in Hungary for five years. Luis already knows the language and he's helped me out, giving me the confidence you need as a player the first time you go to a different country.

- Can you speak any Hungarian?

Yes, for example, "hello," or "good morning." I know how to count to ten. Little by little I've been learning basic words that have helped me to communicate and greet people, who have welcomed me warmly.

- What about the food?

In the first few days I tried some strange food. In Kecskemet the strangest thing I tried was called sweet soup. I tried a soup made of fruits, but I thought it was better not to ask what kind of fruits they were, so I never found out. I had to eat it because it was part of the food the team had for its players.

- Lastly, do you think you've become a star of Salvadoran football at just 24 years of age?

No. The truth is I'm just one more on the team, even if I'm the captain. My objective is to add to the group. Little by little I've gained experience and found out what the responsibilities are of representing a country.