Nicaragua boss Duarte: “We want to show a daring Nicaragua”
"We are with the illusion of demonstrating the advances we have been making,” said Henry Duarte in his pre-match press conference.

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica.- Nicaragua Head Coach Henry Duarte says his team is ready
to show its evolution as it debuts this Sunday in the 2019 Concacaf Gold Cup against
Costa Rica.

"We are with the illusion of demonstrating the advances we have been making,” said
Duarte in his post-match press conference. “We want [Sunday’s] game to show a daring
Nicaragua, a Nicaragua that will take chance in the attack and one who is likable.”

For Nicaragua, this will be its third appearance in the Gold Cup and the second
consecutive one. Despite having a tough opponent in Costa Rica looks, the Pinoleros
are looking forward to shining in a good match and seek the moment to showcase that
Nicaragua is advancing.

"Since the day we arrived the coach has told us about discipline, he spoke to us about
commitment, he told us about the quality of players he can see in Nicaragua," said
defender Manuel Rosas. "He is demanding from us, as he should demand, and
eventually, there is a moment when as a player you believe it, and the time comes
where you are able to show that you can actually do great things."

Even though his team will be playing in front of mostly Costa Rica fans, Duarte believes
that those conditions will bring out the best in his team, like in its pre-Gold Cup friendly
versus Argentina.

"Our best games have been outside of Nicaragua because we have prepared the
player for those matches," added Duarte. "The Nicaragua that I want to see is the
Nicaragua that was seen in Argentina, the Nicaragua that you saw and the whole world
saw the first 30 minutes. That is the Nicaragua that I want to see here in Costa Rica,"
concluded Duarte.