Mexico’s Osorio plans to change lineup, not game plan
Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio (pictured) will make lineup changes for the June 13, 2017, match against Jamaica in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. (Photo: FIFA via Getty Images)

DENVER, Colorado -- Mexico head coach Juan Carlos Osorio announced at a press conference Thursday that he will rotate his roster for the CONCACAF Gold Cup encounter against Jamaica the next evening at Sports Authority Field.

He also gave a brief explanation on the decision, referring to an article that featured a study of English Premier League teams that stated a statistic. 

“Instead of playing games every three or four days, they are considering playing matches with six days in between,” Osorio said.  “There have been more soft-tissue injuries from 2012 through 2016 and the article published in England pointed at lack of rest as the source.

“It said if there is not a minimum of five days’ rest, between games, the risks of injury increase significantly.  We consider that.  We have always considered that in our rotations.”  

Although he plans on adjusting the starting lineup, Osorio doesn’t plan on changing the strategy that led to a 3-1 win over El Salvador in the Group C opener for both Sunday. 

“We always keep in mind that possibility of changing the structures, however, I don’t think this will be the case,” finished the 56-year-old Colombian.  “We think that the structure of the team is the idea of the way we like to play our football.  This team is capable of playing in a manner, in the way it played El Salvador or even better than that performance.”