Mexico looks to create and finish chances

Forward Matias Vuoso (right) has four career goals for Mexico. (Photo:

SANTIAGO, Chile -- Miguel Herrera doesn’t veil emotion.  The Mexico manager is in full revelation on the sideline.  His demeanor most of the time is clear when he is upset.

Herrera didn’t hide how he felt after Mexico played to scoreless tie against Bolivia in its opening Copa America match Friday.  He expected more from his team: a win.

Mexico tried to get its bearings in the first half of the Group A match, eventually generating enough chances in the second without procuring a goal.

That fact left Herrera wanting more.  His team will have to do just that when it faces the tournament host Monday.  Chile comes into the match after beating Ecuador 2-0 and has shown signs of being a dominant squad.

“I am sure that we will do it,” Herrera said about reaching the second round.  “And depending on what happens, we will continue to work on getting to the final.  It was our first game and we tied.  We didn’t lose.  It leaves a sour taste in our mouths because we came out looking to win, that is why we are upset.  We are mad because, after all, we generated (scoring chances).”

Herrera’s team will probably have to create more opportunities against Chile, a team that is a favorite to finish in the top two in the group and will have the home crowd’s unwavering support.

“We talked about that when we go to the tournament,” Herrera remarked.  “We will have everything against us like we did in the (2014) World Cup.  Chile has its people, a great team who has started the tournament well. (Monday) we will be alert and try to be the strongest we can be mentally, despite any adversary.

“We are going in there (Monday) with that mentality to gain points.  We have that real life hope to get into the second round.  It will be a very dynamic game with two teams that run and have good fitness.  The important thing is that we have ball possession from the beginning and defend well so we don’t give them space.”