Gold Cup Q&A: Kemy Agustien (Global Cebu FC & Curacao)
The career of Curacao international Kemy Agustien (pictured) has taken him across the world.

Germaine “Kemy” Agustien is a versatile central midfielder.  The 30-year-old, who represented the Netherlands at the youth level, is a member of the Curacao side that recently captured the Scotiabank CFU Men’s Caribbean Cup title and will compete this month in the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup.  Agustien took some time to speak to about his career and Curacao’s success.

How old were you when you started to play football?

I started to play football when I was very young, before I was 10-years-old, for sure.  I was in Willemstad, Curacao, where I was born, and an opportunity came to go to Netherlands and play for Willem II in the city of Tilburg.  That’s where everything began.

You played for the Netherlands at the U-19, U-20 and U-21 levels.  Do you have any regrets not transitioning into the senior Netherlands team?

Absolutely not.  Curacao is the island of my birth and I am so grateful to represent them.  They gave me the chance in 2015 to play and I am so happy to play for them and reap our greatest success yet, winning the Caribbean Cup.

You can play anywhere in the midfield, but what is your favorite position?

I like to play as a central midfielder.  I am most comfortable here.  I feel like that I am in control of possession between defence and attackers.  I like being on the ball.

From 2010-13, you played in the English Premier League with Swansea City, where you won the League Cup.  Which success did you enjoy more, the League Cup or Caribbean Cup title?

The Caribbean Cup title, for sure.  To be the first Dutch Caribbean team to win the Caribbean Cup is special.  Also, to beat Jamaica, even more special.  To win the competition in Martinique was memorable and it’s a moment I will never forget.

You have played in the Netherlands, Wales, England, Scotland, Denmark and now in the Philippines.  Where have you enjoyed the most?

The English Premier League was a dream and to make it happen was special.  I have enjoyed that the most.  I think all leagues have been competitive.  England has been the most competitive for me.

What is your team’s goal for the Gold Cup?

We want to beat Jamaica again (laughs) and beat El Salvador to finish in the top two of our group.  Getting to the quarterfinals of the competition is the aim.  Anything else is truly a bonus.  If Jamaica can go to a Gold Cup final, why can’t we one day?