Football giving a second chance to Bermuda GK Dale Eve
With eight saves against Haiti and seven against Costa Rica in the Group B game on June 20, 2019, at the Toyota Stadium, Eve’s debut in the Gold Cup was one to remember.

FRISCO, Texas.- Bermuda GK Dale Eve is not hard to miss at 6’4”. With eight saves against Haiti and seven against Costa Rica, Eve’s debut in the Gold Cup was one to remember.

“For me soccer has been a whole life change, it has given me a second chance,” said Eve in an exclusive interview with “I’ve had a long road in football, everything I know is football. That is what’s given me the national mindset.”

After facing several challenges, football has given him an opportunity to be around his Bermuda brothers. Five players in the Bermuda’s National Team play with domestic side Robin Hood FC, a team that stepped in to assist Eve when he needed to change his life around.  

“For me, I don’t really fall back, I tend to get on with what I’ve dealt with,” said Eve. “It’s always a how do you pick yourself up and go again situation.”

But it was not always that way.

“There was a point about two years ago where I had left the National Team,” said Eve.

Playing the starting goalkeeper role in the two matches as Bermuda debuted for the 2019 Gold Cup, Eve knows that football has given him a second chance.

“Even the coach taking a chance at giving me the number one jersey back because it was a point where I was number twelve, second option,” added Eve. “I’m glad those challenges did come about because it made me a better person, a better player and there is nothing better than representing your country, representing for your family, and everyone at home.”

Eve, who has had his share of good and bad luck in football, points at two angels tattooed on his right side. “On this side I have my mom and sister,” he said, as he showed a smiling face and sad face to represent the fact that, “you win some, and you lose some.”